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Keeping your car clean at all times is a point of pride.  Driving a vehicle is a privilege and how we care for our vehicles says a lot about who we are.  We all have stress in our lives, but when you get in a fresh clean car, all that goes out the window.  Your car, van, or truck is a symbol of status, achievement, a means of transportation to provide for our families, an expression of our inner feelings.  It is our duty to keep the American heritage alive with how we respect what we drive.  When is the last time you have had your vehicle professionally detailed?

Home Pick Up & Delivery Services Are Available!

Ask about our rental fleet available on our details!

Get That New Car Feeling Everytime With A Showroom Shine!

Don't feel like dragging the hose out to the driveway?  Do you need to re-stock on expensive vehicle detailing materials and tools?  Don't worry, we can have your car detailed and save you time while making it fast, easy, and affordable.  In fact, just ask about our pick up and delivery services to really make sure the love is not just felt by your vehicle, but by all.  Contact us today so we can wash the dirt away!

Summit Detail │ If You Got The Time, We Will Make It Shine

"If your car is not becoming to you, you should be coming to us."

- Sean Simpson, Captain Of Clean


Through our doors pass the cleanest cars in the world. 

Don't throw money out the window by not keeping your car clean.  A regular detailing of exterior and interior areas of a vehicle's paint, extend the life and protects your resale value.  Just as we all in life continue to better ourselves, it is important that we are always bettering our vehicles.  We rely on our cars to get us where we are going safely.  We show up to work to support livelihoods because of our cars.  Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.


Check Out The Summit Detail Base Of Operations!


Located 5 minutes south of I-70 Hwy in Independence on 291 S Hwy.  Or if you are scheduling your vehicle detail and arriving from the Grandview Triangle, then take the next exit past Lee's Summit Subaru on 470 Hwy and backtrack on the outer road to Summit Detail.